A downloadable game for Windows

Project EGG

For the 2020 Virtus New Game Jam

Survive for as long as you can!
Defend your Chickens and their houses from the onslaught of foxes!

Collect Resources to rebuild your Chicken's houses (From Silo Menus).
Eat the plants to stay alive and moving!

Give Chickens Missions to find you resources!

If all the chicken houses go down - Game Over.
Watch your reputation - Saving Chickens and killing foxes will boost it. Destruction of the chickens or their houses will lower it! Keep it above 0 or Game Over.

Beware the night!


WASD - Movement

Space Bar - Jump (Hold for a longer Jump)

Q - Eat Food and Drink 

E - Access Chicken and Silo Menus - Collect Resources 

Left Click - Quick Fire (Egg Firing)

Right Click (Hold) - Heavy Fire: Launches you into the air. Left Click to fire once in this mode. 

Additional Info 

In order to rebuild chicken houses you need resources which can be found around your environment - or you can send chickens on missions to get your resources for you. Once having gathered the required materials... Head to a silo and press E to access its menu, from there you may deposit your local inventory and (if any chicken houses are destroyed) Rebuild the chicken houses. 

Hitting a fox 5x without error grants you a hit streak bonus. Giving you more speed, strength and allowing you to deal more damage! Hitting foxes with this bonus enabled increases the length of time its enabled for - Missing however decreases the time you have (in tiny amounts)

Keep a close eye on your reputation bar (Blue Bar - top-left) when high it will increase the amount of resources chickens bring back and increases your overall hit bonus mutators. Both killing a fox and saving chickens awards you reputation. While losing chickens or their houses decreases your reputation!


Programmers - Faith254, Developd and Cosmic 

Modelers - Hotdog and Faith254

Emails - 

nashvillenoahhill@yahoo.com (Hotdog) 

Developdprogrammingofficial@gmail.com (Developd)


ProjectEgg.zip 466 MB

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